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Versatile performance

Eggplant Reviews

Just got back from our annual trip to the Maldives. First time with a GS Egg, did exactly what it said on the tin.

Sam Heath

My 6'10 rides just as well as a single fin, I'm having great fun playing around with different fin set ups.

Jason Brook

It's forgiving on the off days and pretty sharp when things are going well, it's also very easy on the eye. I'm a happy customer.

Kevin Roberts

Take me away with you.
6'6 duck egg blue egg
7'10 yellow tail dip egg

The newest addition to our Mid-Length range that was launched during Easter 2017, the Eggplant feels like its always been part of the Gulfstream surfboard collection. The Egg plant is our most versatile Mid-length board. Whilst at a glance it may appear similar in outline to the Carpet, it is in fact much slimmer and pulled in. With a highly foiled, performance pin tail and beaky nose, this board goes well in anything from 1ft at a beach break to overhead at a pointbreak. It can be ridden with single fin 2+1 or 4+1 depending on your preference. When you are up and riding you will notice that it feels responsive and whippy and much less cruisey that the Carpet, especially when teamed up with our favourite MD3 flex fin. It does also need a bit more surf to get going than the Carpet.