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    Philippa Mackintosh

    “I learnt more about fin selection in 15 minutes chatting to Jules than hours trying to understand videos on the subject. The professionalism and the quality of the end product made by Gulf Stream cannot be overstated.”

    Timothy Masters

    Just a note to say how stoked I am with my new board. I picked up from you a few weeks back from stock. I surfed it a few times now in varying conditions and I’m loving it. Paddles great, catches waves easy, flies down the line and turns in the pocket, what’s not to love, even back hand surfing not a problem! It really does do all you say in your description. It’s the most fun surfing I’ve had in ages, just what I was looking for.

    Iain Chadwick

    Absolutely love the board – it’s a work of art!
    Spent most of the afternoon yesterday looking at the craftsmanship and shape, love the colour and design on it too. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Jools and the team for making it. .

    Sarah Towell

    It has been a pleasure to purchase from Gulfstream Surfboards.
    From the initial ordering, to regular updates and finally collecting the finished stunning surfboard.
    A truly 5 star service

    Phil Taylor

    Thank you to all those involved. The board is beautiful!
    So much pure unadulterated fun, I caught every wave I paddled for and rode them longer with more enjoyment than ever before

    Georgie Vallance

    The board is absolutely amazing.
    A perfect fit for me and has accelerated my learning. I love it so much.

    Matt Herivel

    So stoked with my custom board guys.
    Great service from start to finish.

    Jamal Shakir

    New surfboard day is a very good day and it’s awesome, absolutely love it and cannot wait to get out on it. My wife was particularly jealous, so I suspect she’s already scouring your website to find one for herself as hers is ‘a bit old now’ all of a sudden!
    Thanks for all your help!

    Doug Paton

    Finally got to ride the 9’6 slim pig in some decent surf…
    It was so smooth and made trimming forward so effortless…
    Thanks so much guys

    John McConkey

    “I bought my first Gulfstream board four years ago and it was so good I bought another three, each different shapes as I progressed over time. Jools has an excellent catalogue of boards for every level of surfer which work exceptionally well in UK surf. The finish on each board is absolutely immaculate and they are all still going strong! Fantastic boards from one of the best (if not THE best) shaper in the UK. Customer service is great! Jools & Emma are always available to have a chat about the shape and give me useful advice about what would suit me in terms of specs etc. Would not buy a board from anywhere else!”

    Zuzana Slováková

    I got my very first Gulfstream longboard in 2019 and ever since I haven’t wanted to surf anything else but those boards. My personal favourite is the Saunton foil that can catch literally any wave. Responsive in big steep waves but super cruisey on small days and its flat nose and sharp rails make it the best nose rider I have ever surfed.

    Though the reason why I always come back to Gulfstream is not only the boards itself, it’s also the attitude of the people behind it. As for me, living in the Arctic in Norway, to get a good quality longboard here is pretty much impossible but Emma and Jools have always been here ready to help out and ship those world class boards all the way up North.

    And on top of all of this – those boards are just beautiful and the reason I longboard the way I do is purely because every morning I can’t wait to be in the water together with my pretty boards.

    Gulfstream surfboards are designed and manufactured at our workshop in Woolacombe, England. We are part of the wider North Devon surfing community and based at the heart of the UK’s only world surfing reserve.