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    slim pig fabric inlay


    • Not available on back order
    • 9’4 x 23  x 2 15/16 – 74litres
    • Limited edition Bimba Y Lola fabric inlay
    • Spring Green bottom and rail tint
    • Gloss polish
    • 10.5″single fin box
    • Shipping cost of £50 to UK (not including Scottish Highlands)
    • Call us for more details on 01271 870831



    In 1966, Nat Young blew American minds at the world championships in San Diego riding Magic Sam, a longboard with a fin based on a tuna fish and a focus on slashing turns between noserides. For a few months this “involvement” school of surfing redefined what longboarding had become but it was a brief period before boards got radically shorter and hanging five became passé.

    In the nineties, the world turned again and Joel Tudor led a chargeback to the joys of single fin logs and hanging ten in small waves. Today’s surfers, grown up on a “ride everything” approach, know that turns are fun. Why just limit yourself to the front third of the board? They’ve prompted a re-examination of the “involvement” boards and moved modern logging into the rude health it enjoys today.

    In many ways the Slim Pig represents the cutting edge of modern log design, taking elements of our other three longboard models and combining them in one perfect little package. The template is loosely based on the Pierre with the wide point a few inches behind center and a slightly narrower nose -17.75 compared to nearly 19 on a Saunton Foil. It’s flat rockered and has a mellow version of the Foil’s nose concave. A subtly kicked step tail comes from the Quickstep to pull water over the tail for noseriding lift and the overall volume of the board is thinned out more like the Quickstep too. The rails are soft but thinner than the Foil for a traditional feel and the bottom is flatter for more trim speed in zippy waves.

    The final piece of the puzzle is a “Greenough” style fin with a wide base for stability on the nose, a narrow tip for loose turns and a little dose of flex to give extra life to the ride.

    This one a hot-rod, not a cruiser, think Alex Knost’s hyperactive logging. It noserides great, arguably better than the Foil in steeper waves where the narrower nose and reduced volume let you stay tighter in the pocket and keep things more manageable. The template and flex fin allow much harder pivot turns than you’d expect from a log.

    Like the Quickstep, it covers a wide range of conditions but with a more traditional feel. A proper “log” but more versatile and livelier than the Saunton Foil and the Pierre.

    In the Gulfstream longboard family, it’s the young punk kid that thinks yesterday is boring.



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