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5’4 Spacehopper


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  • 5’4” x 21” x 2 1/2” – 33 litres
  • Available to demo in 5’4, 5’10, 6’2 Booking essential
  • EPS and Carbon construction
  • Watch the Video review here
  • FCS 2 quad fin boxes
  • Designed and shaped by Julian ‘Jools’ Matthews – award winning shaper
  • Custom order this board Click here
  • Call us for more details on 01271 870831
  • Shipping cost of £50 to UK (not including Scottish Highlands)

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery of this item



The Space Hopper is a Mini Simmons with shortboard performance. Our versions of the mini simmons (the Sea Pea and Split Pea) are integral parts of  most surfer’s quivers these days. The Space Hopper is the natural progression of this design.

It retains the width and forward planing hull of the Sea Pea, whilst adding a thinned out ‘bat wing’ style tail and quad fins. There’s a single to double concave through the tail and the rails are low and shortboardy.


The result is a board that will plane at low speeds allowing you to trim on the smallest of walls. Once the board gets up and going the turning arc and responsiveness are all shortboard. Tight and precise turns high in the lip are easy, in fact all of today’s modern surfing manoeuvres are game on with this ultra modern shape.

In general round nose boards can feel sluggish or cumbersome in the lip but because of the Space Hopper’s thin foil and super light EPS/Carbon construction it has a real shortboard ‘whip’ off the top. The quad fin configuration also helps to make the Space Hopper the perfect board for surfers looking to push their performance boundaries in small surf.

However, and this is a big however, The Space Hopper is NOT limited to small waves. We have tested it time and again in well overhead conditions and it has not missed a beat. This is a board that is loose through the turn but fully stable and directional at high speed on bigger open faces. Steep and hollow waves present no barrier. Therefore The Space Hopper should also be considered as a one board quiver for surfers who need to travel light or are on a budget.


In general we are recommending that you size The Space Hopper similar to your standard shortboard or an inch or two shorter. You probably want the Space Hopper to have something like 5 more litres than your shortboard to really benefit from the extra paddle in weaker surf.

Finally a note on the name Space Hopper. Because, in our opinion, the outline resembles a rocket and the fact that it transitions or ‘hops’ sections so well, we all felt that The Space Hopper perfectly sums up what this board does. One small step for a surfer, one giant leap for surfing!

1 review for 5’4 Spacehopper

  1. Russ Jenkins

    Jools made me a 6’0 Spacehopper and it’s blown me away! So light, easy to paddle and super fast/responsive, so much so it took me a session to recalibrate my surfing. For such a relatively wide board for it’s length it’s easy to whip around and once you apply pressure through the back foot to the fins it flies past breaking sections to get back in the game. Both the shape and construction, with the HD stringer, mean it’s certainly a one board quiver for me as I’ve tried it in all sizes of surf at my local beach break. An outstanding, game changing board in my opinion.

    One thing I’d say is really think about length and volume, going as small as you deem possible and demoing too. I’ve tried 6’2 and have a 6’0 but maybe could’ve gone ever so slightly smaller. I’m 6’0, 83kg without the 5mm hooded I wear year round down here in the Falkland Islands.

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