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    The Modern Twin

    Pocket Rocket

    The Modern Twin is our most eagerly awaited new Mid Length surfboard.

    Features include: a thinned out foil, off the tail channels, single concave, twin keel fins, low to neutral rocker and longer rail length. Designed to be fluid in the pocket but retain the down the line speed of traditional mid lengths.

    Unlike traditional single fin mid lengths, the Modern Twin excells in the steeper part of the wave, it loves the lip and round house cutbacks are a sinch! So if you are looking for a Mid Length that still paddles easily but is also exciting to ride, the Modern Twin is for you.

    In short, this Modern Pocket Rocket is a performance orientated easy rider with a nod to classic style.


    Our custom surfboards are bespoke to you. One of one. From a simple colour choice, or a hand written message to our premium package. Custom-made so that every board we produce has the potential to be the only one of its kind.