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    Not sure what type or model of surfboard will suit you best?

    This short and super easy guide should help you to understand what to look for in less than one minute.

    Short Length Surfboards

    Quicker turning, easier to pump and snappier. Shortboards are suited to waves that require tight turns, cutbacks and fast pumping.

    Suited to experienced surfers.

    Reefs, points and barrelling breaks are where this type of board excels.

    The short board range is typically between 5′ and 7′ with the shorter ones being looser and the longer ones being more stable.

    Mid Length Surfboards

    More stable and fluid pumping. Mid Length surfboards need less effort to catch the wave and flow from rail to rail rather than snap from rail to rail.

    Suited to every level of surfer.

    Best in mellow, small or medium waves (or bigger if you are a pro). The size range is typically 7′  to 9′ with the shorter ones being looser and the longer ones being more stable.

    Long Length Surfboards

    Super stable, cruisy to turn, easy to catch waves. Longboards are suited to smaller waves and longer rides. Also ideal for practicing longboard techniques  such as cross stepping and nose riding.

    Suited to intermediate and experienced surfers, although can be useful for heavier surfers to learn on.

    The longboard size range is typically anything over 9′ long. As with all the other lengths, the shorter ones are looser and the longer ones are more stable.

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