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    Surfboard Buyer’s Guide

    surfboard buyer's guide

    Surfboard Buyer’s guide

    This surfboard buyer’s guide is designed to give you basic rules to follow when buying a new surfboard. The surfboard price guide will also help to identify what you can expect to get for your budget. So whether your budget is high or low you can make a better decision when buying your next surfboard.

    A Few Basic Rules:

    1. You generally get what you pay for. Price is an important, if imperfect, guide to quality.

    2. High quality surfboards generally cost more. They are made with better materials and more skilled craftsmanship. You can argue all day long about whether this will help you surf better or not; what is not in dispute is that a higher quality surfboard will last longer. 

    3. A quality board will last longer and is in this way, better for the environment.  Over time, it will need fewer repairs, will be cheaper to run and will also give you more time in the ocean. This type of board will also have a better re-sale value.

    4. Cheap surfboards aren’t all bad. In fact, some are bullet proof and whilst there is usually a trade-off with performance some brands offer excellent entry level surfboards.

    5. Whatever your budget, you need to do your homework and reading this is a good start. Now get on the internet and get some specific product and brand knowledge. Talk to friends, phone around, educate yourself. Here’s some useful links to get you going:

    6. Buy from a reputable shaper/shop. This is just as important as the actual board you buy. It’s a way of guaranteeing good advice and good service. Good service means you will get quick responses to your queries and crucially gives you strong back up if you have a problem with your board. You can’t send your board back to China but you can take it back to an independent shaper/shop quickly and easily.

    7. Boards do get dinged and need care. If you do damage your board, get it fixed quickly and professionally, this will maintain the value and life of your surfboard.

    8. Beware the bargain surfboard/ brand. A new surfboard that appears to have all the bells and whistles and is surprisingly cheap is probably just that. Surfboards are no different to most other products you buy. Genuine bargains are rare, tread with particular care if your budget for a new board is in the £350-£450 region.

    Price Guide:

    £0 – £100              Dead or almost ridden to death second hand boards


    £100 – £200          Well loved second hand boards


    £200 – £300        Reasonable condition second hand boards start here


    £300 – £400          Good condition second hand boards start here, cheap new boards start here.

    £400 – £500          New shortboards start here


    £500 – £600          Established brands start here


    £600 – £700          Cheap longboards start here


    £700 – £800          Quality mid lengths


    £800 plus             Top quality longboards start here

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