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    Surf Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka and the Keel fin fish go hand in hand. That’s why we loved to hear from Joe Coyne, one of our customers living the dream in Sri Lanka.

    Whether it’s at your local break or you are half way around the world, do contact us with your stories and experience of riding your Gulfstream board. Giving us feedback from your experience on our boards in different conditions really helps us to evolve the shapes.

    So we are collecting your stories from travels and experiences to share with other customers.

    We caught up with Joe Coyne riding his Gulfstream Keel Fin Fish , whilst living and working on the south west coast of Sri Lanka.

    Joe Coyne

    Jo Denison

    How long have you been surfing for, and when did you choose the keel fin fish to add to your quiver?

    I started surfing around 8 years ago after sustaining a gnarly back injury in the skate park. I recovered from the back injury but got ‘the fear’ and transferred over to surfing shortly after that. I’d always been into alternative skate and surf culture and twin fins seemed to offer the skatey style I was into. My first twin experience was a Jim Banks Mk2 which was stolen on my last trip to Lanka. (it was returned 4 months later) I had been after a Gulfstream for a while and loved the idea of surfing a British racing green board in Lanka. 

    Have you surfed it much in the uk? what sort of waves do you generally take it out in?

    I haven’t actually surfed it much in the UK aside from a quick one at a thumping low tide Croyde. It’s why I love these keel fins, they perform just as well in mushy south coast slop as they do in head high glassy Lankan peelers.

    What boards did you take with you to Sri Lanka and how has the keel been treating you out there?
    I took a 7’2 CMBL tracker, a 6’2 Diplock pintail, a 5’10 Dick Van Straalen twinnie and the GS keel fin. Oh and I picked up a log in Bali because everyone needs a log in their quiver. The keel has been my go to board and has never let me down. Unless it’s choppy, then it’s super skitty.

    Jo Denison

    Where is your favourite spot to surf the fish in Sri Lanka?

    I think your favourite spot is always going to be your local and my local is a 5 minute scooter ride from my house. It’s got a big left, a punchy A frame and a solid right. And it’s quieter than most of the other spots around here.

    What has your favourite session been so far?

    Not sure if I can pinpoint a favourite but memorable sessions include early season with 2 mates and no one out, logging with my pal Kika on her birthday and sunrise glass at my local.

    With those beautiful mornings and smooth pink sunsets i can only imagine the smooth carvey fun, how do you feel your surfing has changed whilst riding the keel?

    It’s so loose and fast, it was running away from me at first but soon as I worked it out, wow, its cruisey and holds up in anything from knee high to overhead. Pure fun.

    Jose Walker

    What drew you to move to Sri Lanka? 

    My wife and I wanted to get out of the work, buy, die routine. We were saving hard to buy a house and the money we had saved for a deposit on a 1 bed flat in Brighton was enough to buy a 3 bed house with an acre of land 5 minutes from the beach here. It was a no brainer! That and the incredible opportunity to work with my friends at Soul & Surf.

    Jo Denison

    and my favourite question, even though everything is incredible, whats your favourite food over there?

    There’s a little shack next to the road near my house run by our pal Sunil. Sunil and his wife make THE best roti, coconut sambal and eggs I’ve ever tasted, and it only costs a quid.

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    Joe’s Fish – with glass-in wooden keel fins.

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    Jo Denison

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