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    Winter in Woolacombe


    Voted number 1 beach in the uk for a second year running , woolacombe bay sure is a beautiful place to be. We are lucky here at Gulfstream HQ, we walk outside for a surfcheck everyday and have done for the last 2 decades. Rain or shine the coastline offers something to everyone, whatever time of year getting outside and seeing the elements change through the seasons is priceless. Surfers have always reaped the rewards of the outdoor life and by having to brave the conditions in the long winter months you really learn to push yourself for those moments in the water. Once you have dealt with the pain of removing your clothes the freezing carparks and howling northerly winds and rain then battled your ice cream head paddle out there is a great sense of accomplishment. It helps that Woolacombe always looks charming, it entices you in , the way the bay curves gives you fantastic views from putsbourgh to mortehoe cushioned by the dunes behind. With the size of the beach you have space and quiet from the crowds and the banks tend to be fairly forgiving.

    photo Jose Walker 35mm

    Surfing Woolacombe our go to board would be a fish and its a firm favourite with other locals too. Dreamy long afternoons chasing lines with fish shapes is what makes Woolacombe shine. The waves often break wider here then at beaches like croyde with its steeper low tide banks. This gives you time on the wave to glide down the line. English surf conditions notoriously means blown out windy junk, which luckily the fish takes to like a pro. The smaller summer surfs are the fishes natural habitat though , hours of enjoyment spent top, bottom, top, bottom gliding across the bay. Woolacombe tends to bring out the classic boards with more of the performance surfers heading to croyde it means that there is a high quality of strong surfers in woolacombe that are also versatile having boards for different conditions. The fun combined with the speed the beautiful turing of the fish means it performs well in a wide range of waves that its hard to not want one in your collection.

    photo Gordon Dryburgh

    There are so many reasons to buy a fish , as surfing styles change and shapes have developed over the years , fashions always dictate the norm in all sports and people tend to lean towards the ‘whats in’. The thing thats great about fish surfing is that its always been ‘in’, and has stayed pretty consistent throughout developments.

    As most know your flatter bottom will enable you to get speed straight off your take off 

    with the progression of quad fins , you have more grip and speed down the line. You can take it out in larger conditions too – people really shred these boards, but its truly your fast agile go to board for all smaller waves.

    With more surface area touching water, faster you go ,and this means catching smaller or wider larger waves with the characteristc flow style and stability. With the high volume its really friendly for all body shapes and types, the paddle is faster and stabler , and the stylishness of the fish is one of its main selling points in the retro board collection

     There are a wide range weird and wonderful fish on the market and they all hold a core integrity and style. For us as 2 of our top sellers the speedialer and keel fin fish are a key part of the gulfstream collection. We love the simplicity and style of both boards, whilst offering you comparatively different rides.


    The Speed Dialer’s progressive quad fins gives you more control and stability with the 4 fins set up. This board generates its own speed, and you can really feel it. Its easier to ride, faster, turns well but compared to keel you could say its stiffer in its turns. This is because the board is really built to drive you through the sections , pumping , turning and generally having a blast. As with all fish the flatter bottom will enable you to get speed straight off your take off. The quad fish offers a great deal to all surfers in terms of style and ability, and it’s a go-to for people learning and progressing in their surfing.


    The Keel Fin Fish is actually more ‘shortboardey’ then the speedialer which some people aren’t aware of. The keels are loose and ‘skateboardy’ enough to be progressive and exciting, whilst the tail offers you control of 2 x pintails.  Compared to the speed dialer, this allows the board to pivot well through it turns, they turn more aggressively in a tighter arc. Its the short boarders Fish, the stylish classic and we love them.