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    Snugg have always been known for quality and customisation.

    From classic black stylish cut to bold bright neon suits to show off your personal style or…hey just for hell of it

    You will always meet the same attention to detail and craftsmanship expected with a handmade product from a small hardworking company, with over 20 years of experience and dedication to a niche market.

    We caught up with Malcolm over the weekend for our seasonal ‘wetsuit clinic’ to meet customers ,chat all things design, surf, winter and generally kick back and hang out.


    so when did you first meet Malcolm?

    I first met Malc in about 1996?? i opened a shop in Braunton and  i needed to sell a suit in store and we already had a great suit maker -second skin over the road so i couldn’t sell them. Sungg was considered the best suit available so i drove down to meet him, we needed a supplier as well as a wetsuit i wanted to wear, to sell suits and to wear and love them was key.

    So i stopped off at a red phone box to call him first…thats the way it was . I walked in the door we met we got on great and its been a good working relationship since.

    has your style in suit changed much over the years?

    i would argue the core of the suit , the values are exactly the same, without a doubt as someone who spends the year surfing in England, its the practicality first and style second. Personally i feel the cold and i want something that i can utterly rely on to keep me warm. I don’t think there is a suit that will keep you warmer then Malcolm.

    have you had suits from other companies since and how do they compare?


    what is it about sung that you can’t get from ‘off the peg’ high end suits?

    Fit without a doubt also service, the spec. The fit is important with off the peg they look flat like and everyones body is different there isn’t one size fits all, when you buy sung they look like a 3D person. You also can’t guarantee the craftsmanship with every off the peg suit but you can with sungg. Thats the thing with a small company like us , its not only nice but its important to me to have some feedback from the customer on the quality , if you have a problem with off the peg suit…where do you take it, how do you deal with it, its difficult , its the after sale service that is really important if your going to spend the money.

    how does the snugg suit fair in north devon winters?

    well I’m still going, I’m still keen for every surf, so that tells me a lot……

    do you wear a back/chest zip and why do you personally choose that option?

    chest zip for sure i much prefer the cut i think you get less leeks and my winter suit always has a fixed hood .

    Iv moved from back to chest along with the way the market has developed its so much better. I have 3 suits -summer 3/2 ,mid season 4/3 and winter 5/4 fixed hood all chest zip.

    The only damage iv had on any of the suits is my fault , fins, rocks, no other wear and tear. Its the cost of ownership, things wear out , but if its high quality it will last you longer , its more environmental friendly, less waste. If your getting through a suit a year its not good financially and means people spend a good year in their suit then have 2/3 horrible years of bad seams, rips, thinning and being cold as they save for another suit, its off-putting to get in the sea when the suit is like that.

    what would you like to see change in wetsuit innovation over the next 20 years?

    First thing id like to see them lasting longer , any suit available on the market if you could get a suit that lasted longer it would be great.  There are a lot of products that only last a year with reasonable use. Also whether innovators can do something with materials to create even lighter and more flexible suits i think everyone would agree being able to wear a lighter suit in winter would be a big game changer.

    Also, like the instant blow up life vests cotty uses in big wave surfing, imagine if you had a wetsuit with heat hits in it! (Not the electric ones they kinda freak me out with the water) Like the life vests that have canisters of air you can use 3 times… heat vests … like wee’ing in your suit but with no urine.

    and finally whats your favourite wacky colour combo you’ve had from Malcolm?

    I have had 2 one that looked like a christmas elf red and white…it was pretty terrible as I’m a small guy

    If you look back over the years ….most of my suits aren’t black, the fashion police would have defiantly pulled me up in the past .

    But i really love a suit i like the colours of , in the same way i enjoy the clothes i choose and wear- i like the personalisation. Black wetsuits are massively boring everyone has one , it brings the fun …..were not talking fluro here …i like the greys and greens,its the different between the generic suits and what makes sung special , the little details, its a big deal.

    photos and interview by jose walker